Friday, 31 August 2007


Okay so wanting to run is not like needing a fix of tik, but I understand how I person can do something they know is harmful but do it anyway because they “HAVE TO”. On Tuesday I had to run, I even tried to not leave work but the next time I thought if I should be running or not was after 6 km. Once again one week too soon, I also notice that I see a week as a magical length of time where everything can be fixed. I have personal graphs that prove otherwise. Guess it is the difference between knowing and believing.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

1009 km only 600 to go (1000 miles = 1609 km)

This year’s running so far has been harder than last year. I only ran 1001 km last year and no I have passed that before the end of August. August saw me running the least in one month since I started running. All of a sudden 1609 km (1000 miles) seems so far away, 4.84 km a day keeps mounting up. Last night I thought I was ready to start again but alas once again on week too soon. Added to the stress is a relay I am doing in September and a race I really want to do in October (that I have already paid for). I stand by my belief that no one ever goes to physio for just one session. People have noticed I am running with a sore leg and they ask me what’s wrong but I don’t want to be “The guy is that is always injured/complaining about niggles”.

Right now I am doing a lot of soul searching and asking myself if I enjoy “being a runner” or the act of running.