Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Two Vineyard Races

Grape Run versus Run Walk For Life New Balance 21

On the 6th of December 2008 I run the RWLFNB21 (The really need to something about the name of the race). The route ran though Lourensford Wine Estate most of it was off tar. It got me thinking about comparing The Constantia Valley Grape Run Half Marathon my time was 1 minute less for the RWLFNB21 but there is no way I ran as hard for it as I did on the Grape Run. I also was far less tired. When I overlaid the elevation profiles of both the races I think I discovered why the Lourensford half felt easier than the Grape Run Half Marathon.

Grape Run RWFL New Balance 21

The first thing to notice is that they both start at roughly the same altitude and the Grape Run is about 20 meters less climbing. I believe the Grape run is harder because the up and down hills are far more steep and the gravel roads and the running is more uneven. I was quite impressed by the well kept dirt roads of Lourensford. On big thing that I have to commend the RWLFNB21 organisers for was the entry process. What a pleasure being able to arrive at 6:10 to enter and pay while still having enough time wait at the start line before the starting pistol. The day was hot really hot. The route did seem to provide quite a bit of shade even though it meant doing a repetitive loop. Next time I will not take this race so seriously and actually swim in the dam.

Here is the kmz file Run Walk For Life 21.kmz