Sunday, 31 August 2008

Table Mountain Challenge

The Table Mountain Challenge is getting really close now. Why did I decide to do the whole thing? Last weekend I ran Leg 3 with some runners from the club from a place in Hout bay just after Orange Kloof. My mind was not with me that day I even left my watch at home. I am glad I ran the 2nd leg of the Hout Bay Challenge with people that were training for it. It really made me cope with the mental trauma of looking up at Hout Bay corner on the way to Llandudno ravine.

Hout bay corner
Hout Bay Corner

I also was not running in boots and baggy jeans like the last time (far more comfortable).

We took it slowly and had a break at Tranquility Cracks now one of my new Great Places. We celebrated two birthdays even had strawberries.

Kasteelspoort looking down on Camps Bay

Going down Kasteelspoort was hectic we were walking down and I managed to slip a few times. Also had a few near misses. Makes me wonder what it is going to be like running on tired legs.

Random Sign

Leg 1 practice was supposed to happen today but with the weather being as it is I will give it a miss. Guess I should do it next weekend. I have raced the 2nd leg twice so I am pretty comfortable about that. Only run leg 1 in training a while ago, I remember it being tough.

John Korasie 30km Race

What a great route. You start with steep little hill which was a little shock to my system. Then run up Red Hill a few kilometers into the start and finish up the hill work round 10km. Then an undulating 10km, followed by a bumpy last 10km.

View from the huge cannon on Red Hill.

Too bad my body did not agree with me; the last 3km took me half an hour. I really had nothing left and felt really sore. The only reason I finished the race was because it was on the way to my car. It still enjoyed it though. It was my second 30km and I preferred it to the Bay to Bay 30. My reasoning is that it did not have a half way mark in my mind. I treated it like a slow 21 and by the time I went past Smitswinkel I felt great.

View of Smitswinkel from the road.

Smitswinkel Bay

I had never run past the Cape Point nature Reserve or on the back road behind Red Hill. I also managed to get a massage at the end and that made a major difference. I even managed to have a good run on Tuesday in spite of feeling stiff. The weather was also great so that also added to the appeal.

The Route Profile:

John Korasie 30km Race Elevation Route Profile

Google Earth/Map file of the route: KMZ

Knysna Half Weekend

Ah the Knysna Half Marathon, ok I have done it. By the “West Knysna virus” (as I called it) I got the Monday following along with a whole bunch of other random people make me a little hesitant to do it next year. I was told it was going to be crowded I just never really understood. For some reason I thought it was going to chilled like the Outeniqua Half Marathon which I rate as a must do. The effort/wait and queue to pleasure ratio was not that great. I did have fun on the weekend but it was hard work. Also that down hill killed me, I thought the magazine was playing it safe by calling it a mine shaft. A friend of mine baled because of the downhill.

The concept is good. Cold morning, gas heaters, cup of coffee, strip your warm clothes and dump everything in a truck that will hopefully meet you at the end. Just it has just got really popular and it has its plus side, some people run it as their first half. Others only run the half as the only race they do the whole year.

The route profile is interesting at some points I apear to be below sea level.

KMZ of the route.