Sunday, 31 August 2008

Knysna Half Weekend

Ah the Knysna Half Marathon, ok I have done it. By the “West Knysna virus” (as I called it) I got the Monday following along with a whole bunch of other random people make me a little hesitant to do it next year. I was told it was going to be crowded I just never really understood. For some reason I thought it was going to chilled like the Outeniqua Half Marathon which I rate as a must do. The effort/wait and queue to pleasure ratio was not that great. I did have fun on the weekend but it was hard work. Also that down hill killed me, I thought the magazine was playing it safe by calling it a mine shaft. A friend of mine baled because of the downhill.

The concept is good. Cold morning, gas heaters, cup of coffee, strip your warm clothes and dump everything in a truck that will hopefully meet you at the end. Just it has just got really popular and it has its plus side, some people run it as their first half. Others only run the half as the only race they do the whole year.

The route profile is interesting at some points I apear to be below sea level.

KMZ of the route.

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