Monday, 9 June 2008

Roberson Wacky Wine Weekend

Last weekend went to Robertson for the Wacky Wine weekend. There was also a road running race called Miles for Smiles Half Marathon, 10km and 5km fun run/walk. Despite much teasing I stuck with my original decision to only run the 10km race. Comments such as you drive so far only to run a 10km ... Don't be 'woes' etc. amongst others, all coming from women I might add. This serves me right for not enlisting male support for the weekend away.

No swimming sign in parking lot We woke up on Saturday and it was cold, then it started to drizzle. The 21km started at 8 am (a rather civilised time) and the 10km 10 minutes later. That was great for me because it gave me time to go back to where we were staying and fetch my watch, still couldn't find my Heart Rate monitor in time. I know it would have bugged me the whole race if I didn't have my watch. I had to run the start (making a habit of this) after parking the car. The sprint to the start was good thing gave a bit of warm-up. It was really cold at this point. The gun shot off just after I got to start.

The route for the 10km was rural with not many tall buildings (unless you count the Klipdrift factory). There were some stretches with gravel and a little mud. We passed cows and farmers with their skottle braais out having a damp breakfast with “Chariots of fire” blaring some a small sound system. Rather flat especially in the 2nd 5km. It drizzled the whole way this made it a great temperature for running.

As I finished and went to the car it began raining. While I was in the hot shower I thought of all those nasty girls getting wet and cold. I ran the race I wanted to run and it was great even did a PB for my 10km distance.

Here is the kmz of the 10km route:Miles for Smiles 10km

The route it basically flat highest point to the lowest is 44 meters.

Miles for Smiles in a great a non-profit organization that raises funds for corrective surgery for children born with cleft lips or palates.

From the wine tasting point of view the weekend was also great. The tasting glasses proper size wine glasses, [that gets a two thumbs up]. The weekend only saw one broken wine glass (1 of 6) which it really good considering the transport to each wine farm. Each winery that we went to had a different feel. For me Zandvliet was the best. It is a wine farm that actually feels and looks like a farm as commercial as some others. All the wineries had one thing in common that was to get people to have great time.

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You haven't updated your blog in a while! have you stopped running altogether?