Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hohenort 15km Road Race

Less than a week after Bay to Bay 30km is the Hohenort 15km, hosted by Pinelands Athletic Club. Pinelands is not known for its hills, in fact it as flat as you can get; so it is understandable that they host a race in the Constantia Valley.

The race covers most of the hill climbs in the area; some more than once! The route is quite up and down in the first half. Those who have participated in the Two Oceans Half Marathon would be familiar with Southern Cross Drive which is about 3km of the longest stretch of up will in the race. After 11km if you still have a bit of energy left you can really push it on the steep downhill towards the finish to make up some time. I enjoy courses that have a loop back, I find it helps speed me up seeing other people I know both ahead and behind also stops me from walking. For me this race is great as helps with my hill climbing fitness mixed with a fast course.

Hohenort Route Profile (click to enlarge)
This is a popular race so get there early and help by driving there in a full car to help with parking. The start can be bit messy with all the people but it opens up quite quickly, well in time for the first hill. Last year was a bit of a shocker for the organisers when way more people rocked up than the previous year, it all worked out in the end. For the last few years finishers have recieved a pair of socks. Click here for the race flyer.

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