Sunday, 31 August 2008

John Korasie 30km Race

What a great route. You start with steep little hill which was a little shock to my system. Then run up Red Hill a few kilometers into the start and finish up the hill work round 10km. Then an undulating 10km, followed by a bumpy last 10km.

View from the huge cannon on Red Hill.

Too bad my body did not agree with me; the last 3km took me half an hour. I really had nothing left and felt really sore. The only reason I finished the race was because it was on the way to my car. It still enjoyed it though. It was my second 30km and I preferred it to the Bay to Bay 30. My reasoning is that it did not have a half way mark in my mind. I treated it like a slow 21 and by the time I went past Smitswinkel I felt great.

View of Smitswinkel from the road.

Smitswinkel Bay

I had never run past the Cape Point nature Reserve or on the back road behind Red Hill. I also managed to get a massage at the end and that made a major difference. I even managed to have a good run on Tuesday in spite of feeling stiff. The weather was also great so that also added to the appeal.

The Route Profile:

John Korasie 30km Race Elevation Route Profile

Google Earth/Map file of the route: KMZ

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