Friday, 21 September 2007

Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge – Relay

I ran the 2nd leg of the relay last weekend. I really enjoyed it. I ran the same leg and ran a bit slower this year than last year. The race is a 3 leg relay, 8.6, 10 and 17km. The guy that did the first leg was really quick, so this meant I started with some really fast people. This turned out to be a bit frustrating having to stop to let faster people pass me.

The temperature was perfect with now wind and only a slight drizzle towards the end.

I remembered it being flatter last year, the was a section where we went up what must be 100 m only to come straight down again moving only a few meters as the crow flies. I am not ashamed to say I sat on a rock to catch my breath. I was glad that I did not go though with running the whole thing, especially when I handed over to the 3rd guy doing the 17km and much more technical stretch. He was wet and bleeding when I met him at the finish (after I had a shower and breakfast).

The organization was good, and I am happy with the cap and t-shirt. Apparently it was the largest field of runners on a trail race in Africa.

My Garmin 305 struggled to get signal in a few places, so I had to fill in the blanks with SportsTracks software, strange how the Garmin software lacks that functionality.

The KMZ/KML file if you want to see the 2nd leg in Google Earth: Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge Relay 2nd Leg

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