Monday, 13 April 2009

Two Oceans as a spectator/supporter

Not getting an entry in time was a tough lesson to learn. At least I now have my Safari half marathon organised in time. That left me with the choice of either doing an illegal swop entry or being a supported.

Having never noticed that running existed until I started a few years ago it was interesting. It was great seeing people I know being surprised by how soon or late in the race I saw them. Seeing the elite athletes was also a great to watch even if it was just a few moments. How someone can make up such a big gave in a race was incredible.

It was not all that boring being an active supporter with running shoes I managed to run along side some fellow club mates, who in many cases where running quite strong at that point. It was great to be able to do it like that as I assumed that if I was supporting I would always be injured.

Saturday just increased my resolve to pony up for full 56km race next year. Most people except for the ones right at the back looked as if they where enjoying themselves. All the people I ran with that where not have much complaints even if they where feeling sore.

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