Sunday, 14 November 2010

Winelands Marathon

So once again it is time for the Winelands Marathon. Year seems to have gone so fast. Some people have asked about the route profile so I thought I should post it.

Quite a few people will complain about how tough it is. I think it has something to do with hill that starts at about 21km and does not go down much until round 30km - just in time for you to hit the wall. The downhill is a great but it ends to quickly. When you see the strawberry farm you have to start working hard again. The race start is crazy early 5:30 but that is because it can get really hot, it is supposed to be summer after all.

The Winelands Marathon is a well organised and popular race. I prefer undulating and hilly routes like this one; the Cape Town marathon was hard work for me and I was really sore afterwards. Here's to hoping for a better Two Oceans qualifying time.

Winelands Marathon Route Elevation
Winelands Marathon Route Elevation

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