Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Milkwood Half Marathon

On the 20th of April was the Milkwood 21 race. This race has a special significance for me as the first race I ever did when I started running was the 10km route. Then last year it was the first race I managed to complete in under 2 hours.

The start was a bit cramped but this race is so popular it was not too bad. I took the Slangkop hill a little faster than I thought I would but that might have been because I ran with Thomas also a VOB member for the first 9km and then let him race off while I played it safe. I wanted to improve my time for the route which was still a PB.

The route is really amazing and the weather was cool with no wind. At the turn around at Camel rock I was feeling strong. I like routes that double back on themselves because you can shout out to the faster people and get support from the people behind you. It also helps to know that there are people behind you. In the end I managed to better my time to 1:55:21. The best thing was that it felt easier than last year and my average heart rate is also lower.

Here is the route kmz file: Milkwood 21km
and the route profile:
Milkwood Route Profile

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