Monday, 25 June 2007

Favorite running partner

I never realised how much I missed running with my Colleen until we went away last weekend. We went to Houw Hoek Inn (we go once a year). I was feeling a bit stressed because being in the land of no hills really killed my hill climbing. Houw Hoek has a pretty good mountain to run up so that is what we did. Also took the camera along, I need something that I can attach my camera to. As usual I had already mapped the course using Google Earth.

It energized me to be running with her. She amazes me how she glides up hills (being roughly half my weight helps) and lifts my spirit when we are together. Also managed to see places off the N2 that we have driven passed and never knew about. It had been ages since we last run together even before I went away. Also ran on a railway track quite a workout, because the sleepers where forcing me to take smaller strides. In the end we did not run far, but so far it will be one of the more special kilometers of the 1609 I want to do this year.

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