Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Found it!

I finally managed to run around what I now call “The Google circle”. Good thing I did because in few years it will just look like an intersection of paths through very tall trees. I never planned to run last night it just happened only realized this when I was driving along the Rhine with my heart rate monitor strapped on. I see from my watch that I only started running at 20:30 that would be a crazy time to start running where I come from. I did not want to find it too soon because then I know I would have not run as far but I did not plan on running 11 km before I found the place. I was so happy when I did, I ran around the circle. I love drawing in Google earth with my runs, just wish my GPS was more accurate. I saw more bunnies and a deer type thing. But no foxes I think they wiped all of them out here. I started to get frustrated and only after sunset according to my watch did, I find the ring.

52.004509°N 5.487488°E

There is no way anyone would be able to find it easily because it is surrounded by very tall trees. In a few years I would love to come back there one day and sit on the benches round the big tree in the middle.

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