Saturday, 19 May 2007

Cell phone SIM search continued ...

I ran all the way to Rhenen and bought a SIM card from a cell phone/photographic shop. I was so glad that the SIM card worked straight away and went around looking at all the shops. I was impressed by the variety of shops that are available for such a small town.

There is a Windmill in the town centre but I don't think it has worked in ages.
The town is really tidy no litter that I could see maybe it because they make throwing litter away a bit more fun.
The shops where all open and I was surprised that the town was not full of people doing all their shopping considering that the shops close at 1:00 PM and are closed on Sundays. I see crime is a problem here aswell fortunately I didn't see anyone that was carring a crowbar and wearing the mask of Zoro, well at least none of them looked like they had skipped a few days of shaving.
The circus is also in town and great seeing a giraffe again even if it was in the distance.

Why is a country with more bicycles than people would anyone want to ride a bike
to no where. Especially really old school low tech rides like these.

Today is the Sabbath for the people that I am living with at the moment so it has been quite interesting seeing how they do things from the time between Friday evening and Saturday morning. I ran past a Albert Hein (SA equivalent: Checkers, not quite Pick ‘n Pay) and bought some Cookie Dough ice cream that people here really like but are unable to buy themselves and can't ask me directly to buy for them. Lots of rules and exceptions is all I can say. But I think it is good that they are keeping the customs like that alive.

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