Saturday, 19 May 2007

Mobile communications

It took me a week to find out that the SIM card I was given to be used while I was here expired on the 2nd day that I arrived, what timing. The SIM cards can't be reactived, thank goodness that I managed to get a local to find this out for me, it even took him 5 minutes on the phone to the call center.

So now I am in the search for a SIM card, something you can even purchase on the side of the road in South Africa. Here you can buy "airtime" in most shops but no one can tell me where to get a SIM card or maybe they don't understand me. Last night I went to the SPAR in Kesteren (yes the SPAR - "Every good town needs a SPAR) the place where I bought airtime last week but they don't sell SIM cards and the childworker at behind the till couldn't tell me. The people in the queue all seemed to agree that Rhenen is the place to go for such things. So now I am off to Rhenen with my cell phone and fist full of Euros, well not really that much. I think I will run there, pity though I have just showered and am squeeky clean.

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