Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Running where it is flat

It did not take long and I had my running shoes on. Being far away from home it helped keep my head clear and take away a bit of stress that I was experiancing.

My first few runs where from a place that was near a small town called Uden. Running in a foreign country is great; new scenery, different environment and different rules. I still am not used to running on the otherside of the road. The places that I have been staying have been really rural. I am really happy about that, I don't think running in Amsterdam would be as great as running through forests and past farms with goats, cows and horses. Also the traffic is different here people on bikes might creep up from behind, so far I have been lucky. The cyclists own the road here.

The sunset after nine is fantastic, it really lets you do so much in a day. I would never have thought of running after 8pm at home, but here it is posible. Good thing I won't be here in winter because I am sure they pay for all those sunny evenings. Well to say sunny would be a lie. I have not had a day here that is has not rained for some part of the day.

Uden was great because that was real farm lands with a town nearby, but now I am near Kesteren which has a great mix of small villages and farms and dykes, which are great for hill repeats. Running to the next village is no big deal.

Fortunately not all my runs have been lonely and run with a guy for a few kays in Uden and also met a bunch of crazy people who do hashing, to be explained in a later post.

So far the only problem runningwise has been to keep my right leg shin splints at bay and toes that are looking a little worse [than normal].

If you have google earth installed click on these links to see the routes that I have run so far.



08 May 7.17 km 09 May 6.19 km 10 May 9.11 km


12 May 8.48 km 15 May 8.51 km

Nearby (>20km away)

13 May 9.18 km

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