Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Things that are different in The Netherlands

Nothing bad just different ...

  • Bathrooms and toilets should not have a window even if the bathroom is on an outside wall; why have window when an extractor fan also works.
  • Cheese is big here, they eat more cheese than meat it seems, and whole sections of supermarkets are devoted to lactate products.
  • Sugar is not really something you should put in your coffee rather ration, you sugar intake to when you have bread.
  • If you are in doubt; the road you are on is for two way traffic.
  • The person driving behind you will not over take on the left.
  • A person's lawn and garden is a reflection of how decent a person is.
  • Nature must be bent, cut, moulded into submission, Topiary and tree grafting is everywhere.

I am sure there is more to add but that is what I have for now

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