Friday, 25 May 2007

Another interesting run

Well it was interesting for me. It all started when I was looking for other runs that people had been doing in the Rhenen area where I am now. Most of them looked really boring. So I was looking around on Google Earth and found this really interesting circle where all the trees had been removed. I could not resist wanting to run there, don't know why. So I was really anticipating the run when the company I am working at decided that everyone needed to unscrew all their desks so they can get smalled ones. The only thing is everyone needed to do their own, desk. Lucky me I am sitting in what I imagen must be a mega manager's desk that is away for a few days. So geting all the screws unscrewed took some time. A good thing was that they gave everyone pizza for their trouble. So without having to make supper I was off, got back to the farm house got ready, punched the closest road into my German GPS for the car and I was off. Well I soon discovered that the "road" was not a real road, but a bike track something a sign would have helped before having to reverse a km :(

While looking for the road I spotted a sign for a castle so I could not resist. Drove into this really tiny village with tiny houses and tiny road and fast cars and lots of big motor bikes. I just ran through the castle gate and carried on running inside the grounds. It would be cool to have a house like this one, with a moat and draw bridge, one day *grin.

The ran around the grounds the castle, and then all hot and sweaty I got into my German navigated car. 2km just to run around the moat.

Well eventually I got close well what I thought was close to what I was looking for. So I stopped the car and dashed off. I the forest was amazing even saw bunnies and a couple of birds.

Also what I enjoyed the most was that it had a descent hill to climb. So I ran around looking for the circle I never found it. But even so this was the best run I have had since I have been here. Now it is off to the UK to run in another country. Trying to do 3 countries in 7 days. So far two for two.

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